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Introducing the Choosy Mothers!

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Once in a great while, a duo assembles that makes real the adage "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts". A duo who's members personify the kind of commitment to excellence and performance that makes each encounter with them a unique and rewarding experience...

...and, we bet THAT duo would be AWESOME!

Anyway, The Choosy Mothers are Tom and Carl: Dudes from various bands that have knocked around Central Florida (and beyond) for longer than it would behoove us to recall. Depending on who you ask and how you count, we more or less assembled in late 2002. We specialize in finding the groove in just about every kind of music. Our job, as we see it, is to get you to shake your booty regardless of the rock, the funk, or the soul.

Can we groove? Yes, yes indeed we can. You really ought to come and see us. It would do you good, it really would.

Stay tuned for more info, a website overhaul, and new sections including historical data on all of the former members of various incarnations of The Choosy Mothers, new demo songs, previously unreleased gig photos, indictment documents, and new calendar listings.

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The Choosy Mothers! HotDang! GiddeeUp!