BillBW Bill Pelleck : Electric Guitar, Vocals

Bill Pelleck is one of the tastiest dang guitar players that you are ever likely to hear live or recorded. He's a good singer too. Lousy dancer and a so-so cook, though. Just calling them like we see them.

Bill is the only member of the ChoosyMothers that can play the tuba. If you bring a tuba to one of our gigs, he'll play it. It's something of a treat, really - ask him to play your favorite tuba song (if you don't already have a favorite tuba song, Godzilla sounds pretty good on tuba - just a suggestion).

Bill is an accomplished crop-dusting pilot and also is knowledgeable in animal husbandry (which, by his own admission, is an unusual combination). In fact, Bill has been working on a business plan to combine these two seemingly diverse traits in a venture that he describes as "Aerial Insemination, Inc.". With the help of a local bull owner and some creative plumbing attachments to his Cessna 172, he anticipates being able to serve the needs of central Florida's many family-owned ranches within the coming year.

Bill Pelleck is a veteran of many bands, many musical styles, but mostly the same pair of pants. His hair was featured in several popular Wella Balsam print ads in the early 1980’s. As a youth he served as Lake County's entrant in the Junior Marlboro Man competition, where he placed 3rd in an unusually competitive field that year.

Bill is turning Japanese, yes he's turning Japanese he really thinks so.