CarlBW Carl Cleaver : Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

Multi-instrumentalist Carl Cleaver has worked his way through a variety of keyboard, horns and stringed instruments to arrive at the instrument with the least complexity: the bass guitar. And, he is relieved. In the future he plans to create a prototype bass with further simplifications. "I think that I can get it down to just one string" he has optimistically told interviewers.

Carl has performed in a number of bands on a variety of instruments in a plethora of styles. By his own reckoning, he has made at least $187.00 playing music over the last 22 years, proving that a humble boy educated in the southern public education system CAN exceed his dreams, if only he applies himself.

Some of the many highlights of Carl's music career include playing Laura Branigan's hit "Gloria" twice each set (for a total of eight times) at a bar mitzvah in St. Petersburg Beach in 1984. Carl's musical prowess was once demonstrated by his working knowledge of 17 polkas. When asked about this achievement, he humbly responded "That was a very very long time ago".

Carl endorses Hamer, Fender, and Dingwall basses, in spite of repeated attempts by legal counsel from those companies to enforce various 'cease-and-desist' orders. He also likes strings manufactured by D’Adarrio, amps by SWR, and speakers from Aguilar: three companies who have not yet taken any legal action against him. He uses a Kurzweil K2661 keyboard and sometimes triggers it with a Roland PK-5.

Carl loves the night life, he's got to boogie, on the disco 'round, oh yeah.