ChuckBW Chuck Imo : Drums

Chuck Imo has played drums all of his life - and technically before his life started (so claims his mother who sustained odd stick-mark like indentations on her internal organs that science has never been able to fully explain).

Chuck has the most touring experience of any member of TheChoosyMothers. He is the only memeber of the band that has been employed full-time in an Alice Cooper tribute band (not for lack of trying). Chuck is as equally at home in front of a drum kit as he is in front of a faux-guillotine. He has no allergies to stage blood - a trait that also makes him unique among his band mates.

Once Chuck sets his mind to something it gets done - a trait that he acquired while contributing as a welder to the construction of the Gateway Arch in St.Louis MO. If you've been up in the Arch, and you looked out the west facing window, you've looked out the same window that Chuck would have if he had been working on that part of the Arch. Which, he was not.

When not playing drums, Chuck's hobbies include shellfish painting and Peloponnesian War re-enactment.

Chuck knows the secrets that you keep - when you're talking in your sleep.