TomBW Tom Marcinkus : Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Tom Marcinkus is what is refered to in the industry as a journeyman. You have a note you need sung? He'll do that. You have a guitar part you need played? He'll do that. You have some errands that you need run? Well, you get the picture.

Tom hails from the rural parts of Pennsylvania. It used to be that a lot of oil came from Pennsylvania, but now mostly Rolling Rock comes from there. And, of course, Tom comes from there - usually with a Rolling Rock.

Tom plays a lot of solo and duo guitar outside of TheChoosyMothers. Frankly, he's the only one in the group that has that kind of talent.

A little known fact about Tom is that he served as Governor of Pennsylvania for the better part of 10 months during 1977. During the much celebrated Marcinkus Administration, Pennsylvanians almost got the right to buy booze anywhere they dang well pleased under the "Marcinkus Buy Booze Anywhere You Dang Well Please" act. But, as is often the case with such things, it was discovered that Tom really wasn't the Governor of Pennsylvania (or the Prime Minister of Canada as he had once claimed) and so the bill died in committee. Even today, the fine people of Pennsylvania are forced to buy their liquor from 'the man' at dreary stores with very little in the way of sexy advertising posters.

Tom, who is an accomplished song writer, captured the disappointment and personal loss of the experience in his song "Take These ’Cuffs Off Of Me, Dammit, I'm The King of Spain".

Tom lives in a house made of human skulls and has a rattlesnake for a necktie.